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About us

My name is

Karpusa Nikolai Sergeevich.

I live in the city - Novosibirsk.

It's a beautiful city in Siberia.

I had a lot to love, here are the main points:

1 - my daughter Dominica;

2 - video games and everything connected with them;

3 - the city of Novosibirsk;

4 - my home on the banks of the river;

5 - my friends;

6 - love to live!

You can also add that I have finished University with the profession of an engineer-technologist. But even before the Institute decided for me that will only work with video games and computers. And go through life, associating him with video games. During the Institute I have worked as an administrator in the computer club and seller of video games in a small shop. Many have repaired computers and wrote web sites. If anyone is interested in my work, you can write to me personally, I will answer all questions and show all.

I hope my games will not leave You indifferent!