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Desert Coyote ENG

Together with the Studio ARGH!Games, we have been doing the game Desert Coyote.

This is a game in which we play the role of commander of a tank crew.

We can say that it's a mixture of World of Tank, battle city and Contra. In the game you have the choice between 3 types of tanks and other equipment. Tanks, in turn, differ from each other very many characteristics, such as speed of movement, the speed of rotation of the base, the speed of rotation of the tower, features armor, armor, range etc. the Only thing that unites them all is the presence of machine gun in the tower. So the player can choose between firing the main gun or machine gun. Naturally, the machine gun effective against infantry and small appliances. And the gun is easy to destroy the enemy's heavy equipment and buildings. Accordingly, the game has many different enemies like rocketeers, soldiers with guns, suicide bombers-bombers with bombs, tanks, helicopters, gun turrets, sea and river boats and many others. The game also includes boss battles, each of which will need its own approach.

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To play the actual DEMO version is available by clicking on the image below:

game logo animated sample for coder