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Space Odyssey EN

STATUS: the game isin development.

A prototypeof the game wasthe winner of the competition button 119 out

The game consists of 2 modes:

In the first - you control a ship in space. Flying between planets, dodging meteorites and space debris. Approaching any of the planets, light green button planet's map (lower right corner). Clicking on which, you will see a map of the planet. It marked the places where your help is needed. Clicking on one of the marks, you go to this place on the planet.

In the second mode is you against the force of gravity, explore the place where someone needs help. Passing the obstacles, you must complete the mission, but not to break and your Shuttle. Damage to the ship lead collisions with the surface and caves of the earth, and with different objects on the way. It can be as lights and different rocks and mechanisms. To hurt anything.

When you start the game you have 10 charges of the shield (on normal difficulty). I.e. the ship can withstand 10 shocks and collisions. After each successfully performed the mission, the amount of shields restored. From the mass of the planet depends on gravity, and therefore the gameplay varies from planet to planet. Because the easiest job on small planets. And the bigger it is, the more difficult to pass the level.

The game is focused on mobile platforms, so that the control is performed with one finger or mouse.

Download demo download eng 01