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  During the hurricane, were destroyedcrossings betweenJellyand their children.Now littleJellycompletely alonesurrounded bya huge numberof dangersthat comeboth fromwater andfrom the air.ProtectchildrenJellyfromgiant bats, and striveto drag them into hiscave.Watch forthe seaand promptlyscarethe sharkuntil shesavored thedefenselesskids. Solvethe puzzle andmatchin colorallJellybetween them.The type of bridgeshould match the colorof Jelly. Bridgescan'tbe crossedamong themselves.

  The game is a mix of Arcade and Puzzle genres. The player will be interconnected Islands, bridges of different colors. At the same time to protect small Jelly from sharks and giant bats, just pressing on them.