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Wrong Decision EN

Game in the Beat ’em up genre. The player can only moveonthe x-axis.can Also Crouchand jump.
The player can strikewith hands and feetjuststanding. If yousit down, they willlowerbeats.Alsoin the jump, too, can beat.
Eventhe player hassuper techniques (describedin management).
Levelsmay fallstoneson the road.If they kickthe chip shot (a kick inpresage) hepoliticalright. andif you have the enemy would cause himdamage.

In the game you needto go aheadand reel offall enemies encountered.Getting in sight of the enemy, it startsto convergeandafter
the approachis to beat you. The enemieshavedifferent attacks. The attacks of the enemies differin strengthfor more damage.
In the top left cornerthere is an indicatorof your health.If it drops to, you loseand have to startthe level again.
To facilitate the passage ofthe levelscan be caughtleechlike, whichis a littlebetterplayer. They appearasglowing balls.
At the endof the last levelhave to fight with the boss.Instead of the usualattack - hethrowsknives.They needgreat game, definitely.


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