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Magnia - early access now on Steam

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It is an extraordinarily magical interweaving of genres that should make You feel nostalgic and calm. If of course you play on a small level of difficulty. But if not, get ready for the challenge.


The game combines a set of very interesting mechanics that everyone will be familiar with. This is the usual puzzle-where you need to put together pieces of the broken thing. Puzzles with puzzles take place in different places such as-children's table in the parent house, steampunk engineering compartment, alchemical laboratory, underwater reefs, space and many others. Building a tower of wooden cubes or plastic sets at first you will seem simple and funny, but as the level of complexity in the game increases, You will feel how hard it is for small children to build large towers. Games with weights and ancient scales will test You on the ability to work with a balancer. And this is not a complete list of in-game mechanics.

Magnia Screen 002

You can also enjoy a great soundtrack. Which will immerse you in the atmosphere that surrounds You in the game.

Magnia Screen 003

The game is in early access, which means that at the time of publication of this article, we have already completed more than 80% of all content. And every day we come up with and add new mechanics, levels and chips.

Magnia Screen 004

Enjoy the game!