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Lost Jelly EN

Flying saucer was carrying a little Jelly. Along the way several Jelly came out of their rooms and made a mess on UFOs. As a result of their actions, a spaceship crashed on the planet Earth. After landing, all the Jelly had fled to neighboring farms. While the crew of a flying saucer, repairing damage, a matter of collecting Jelly give Nimble. He collected them and on the home planet, so for him this is a cakewalk. Except there's one problem..... When a hard landing at Nimble broke the brakes. Now he can only go forward!

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Space Odyssey EN

You control a space ship; we flyto different planetsandcarry out the job. The game is builton the managementof the shipaccording to the lawsof physics,bothin spaceandon planets.A prototypeof the game wasthe winner of the contest...

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Save Jelly EN

  During the hurricane, were destroyedcrossings betweenJellyand their children.Now littleJellycompletely alonesurrounded bya huge numberof dangersthat comeboth fromwater andfrom the air.ProtectchildrenJellyfromgiant bats, and striveto drag them into hiscave.Watch forthe seaand promptlyscarethe sharkuntil shesavored thedefenselesskids. Solvethe puzzle andmatchin colorallJellybetween them.The type of bridgeshould match the colorof Jelly. Bridgescan'tbe crossedamong themselves.

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