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RPG Driver - A new mix of entertainment!

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"RPG Driver" is the coolest mix of genres, headed by arcade racing! You can play for one of the 6 cars, and with the wheelbarrow and change the job! For example, if we are in an ambulance, one of the tasks will be-to bring the patient safely to the hospital. ))) But it's not as easy as it sounds. The roads are clogged with cars, the detours are all bumpy – and look, so that the patient does not fall out. And even bandits with UFOs want to kidnap us or blow up. Ah and to all of this, patient remains to live, quite little time, and need to press gas on full coil!

RPGDriver Screens 001

The game is made in a very beautiful Low Poly Art C graphics with complete destruction of the game world. And also has already great effects, which gives the picture juiciness.

RPGDriver Screens 003

The game has a randomly generated global map, on which the player travels, achieving its primary task (it is still a secret). At the start, the player is given the opportunity to choose one of the many heroes. Each of which has its own set of characteristics. 

RPGDriver Screens 004

In addition to this, our protege can be pumped. You can pump as the characteristics of the character, and learn new skills from a large tree of skills. In addition to the character, you can pump and each of the available machines! But of course you need to improve the coins, which are mined in the missions and just while driving, performing a variety of tricks and destruction.

RPGDriver Screens 005

Enjoy the game!